When the Queen came to town

When the Queen came to town

About the film

For those who were there and can't forget - and for those who want to experience the excitement – a feature documentary in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Royal Tour of 1954.

Sixty years ago, a unique event transfixed Australia. It dominated the front pages of newspapers and magazines for months, touched every Australian and left enduring memories on all those who felt part of it. It was experienced in almost every part of the continent, and almost every detail of the event was recorded by both professional and amateur operators.

When The Queen Came to Town will feature a specially composed score that itself stirs memories of the era, along with innovative digital production processes that will integrate the professionally produced and the amateur archive material with footage created for the anniversary.

It will stir memories. And it will be treasured by all those who remember that Australian summer when the Queen came to town.

The Royal Daimler

Find out about the National Museum of Australia’s Royal Daimler conservation project.

Let’s make the Royal Daimler fit for a queen again!

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When the Queen came to town

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The enthusiasm of the crowds, the impact of the young Queen’s visit, the optimism and hope that it generated is difficult for us to understand and even harder for us to recapture, sixty years later.

There will be stories told from the heart of the tour – figures whose involvement with the media or politics, industry, sport or the arts put them in the reception lines, to exchange a handshake and a few words.

There will be many more whose undimmed memories are those of the ordinary person –school children who rehearsed their curtsies and maypole movements for the big day and CWA women who produced sandwiches in their hundreds and rallied entire townships in preparation.

In the lead up to the production of this landmark documentary, the producers are particularly seeking to hear from members of the public who may have also filmed any aspect of the royal tour with 8mm or 16mm home movie cameras of the time.

If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you! Please contribute your story here.